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How do I Hands Off Parent?

Consultations & Sessions

I devised the Hands Off Parenting method for families, carers, and childcare workers looking for an alternative parenting or discipline strategy with respect for children at its core.


Hands Off Parenting helps the adult see the child as a whole being who deserves the same rights and respect as anyone else.


Through online or over the phone/Zoom consultations I help parents create an environment and mindset that allows their children to flourish with the affirmation that being themselves is enough.

Mother and Baby in Autumn
Kids in Slide
Railroad Set

Hands Off Parenting Instruction Sessions are similar to play groups or children's activity hours - the difference being Hands Off Parenting sessions are completely child led. There are no forced activities, no pushing children to "take part", instead the children will instigate their own play while being observed by their carer.


The room and the outdoor area are set up to encourage independent play, containing play things that spark children's creativity and develop their natural curiosity. Parents take the role of observer, watching their child carefully and only intervening when absolutely necessary.


My role as instructor is to guide parents in their interactions with the children; making them more aware of their choices and helping them to find more respectful ways of connecting with their babies and/or children. I also offer advice on how to implement the Hands Off Parenting style at home. 

Classes are divided into age groups - starting at four months old up to two and a half years. This is to ensure safety of the children and babies at all times. 

If you have any questions about the classes, please do get in touch and I will help you gain a better understanding of what and why we do things the way we do.

Classes Cancelled Due to Covid

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