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Introducing - Hands Off Parenting

So, what is Hands Off Parenting? Well, it's a parenting style I practice with my daughter, Rose, and it's also a method of educating I use with the children in my preschool class. It is a mish-mash of respectful parenting styles such as RIE, Gentle or Attachment Parenting, and Free Range Parenting. I also draw inspiration from the teachings of Magda Gerber, Emmi Pikler, Maria Montessori and the many other child psychologists and philosophers I have read and researched during my twenty years of working with young children. Hands Off Parenting, at its most basic, is about gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of babies and children through careful and close observation, open communication, and respectful interactions.

My daughter, Rose, at about 6 weeks old.

There are six factors important to the Hands Off Parenting method:

1. Safe & Engaging Environment

Creating a safe and stimulating environment that sparks curiosity and offers challenges. Allowing the child to explore through self-directed independent play.

2. Open & Honest Communication

Communicating with your baby openly and honestly from birth; helping form an attachment based on trust and respect.

3. Careful Observation

Careful and close observation of your baby; Noting how your baby behaves, learns and reacts, and reflecting upon that information to gain a better understanding of their needs.

4. Trust & Responsibility

Trusting children to take responsibility for their own selves by including them in self-care activities like nappy changing, bathing, feeding and dressing.

5. Boundary setting

Setting clear and fair boundaries and reinforcing them without the use of punishments or rewards.

6. Expression of Emotions

Allowing for feelings to be expressed, and supporting children through those feelings as needed.

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