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How to Handle Halloween Sweet n Treats.

Sometimes the scariest thing about Halloween is the amount of sweets your children come home with. But it doesn't have to be like that. Follow my simple plan to make Halloween stress free and fun for parents and children alike.

DISCLAIMER - this plan works best when you have been using respectful eating plans such as Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility model.

*Set clear boundaries with younger children. Two and three year olds are easily overwhelmed by trick or treating so they need your guidance. Try limiting the amount of houses you visit. Just two or three houses for two year olds, a few more for three year olds etc. *Allow older children free reign. Let them collect as much as they like, spill it out when they get home, revel in it and enjoy as much as they like to eat on Halloween night and the next day. NO RESTRICTIONS - do not worry this is a once a year event and it will not derail any healthy eating plan you have set for your child for the rest of the year. *On day three bring in portion control. Your child still gets to decide what they want but you decide when they eat. Allow only one piece of sweets/chocolate per meal and only to be eaten with meals/snacks. *Continue on this way until all the sweets are gone. It may be a couple of weeks but don't worry. *If your child cannot handle the responsibility and follow the rules then set boundaries - for example you portion the sweets out from day three.

Happy Trick or Treating folks!

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