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Hey Parent - Leave Them Kids Alone!

If you're trying to foster independence in your own baby, child or children my number one tip is "Leave Them Alone!" which is much more difficult than you'd imagine. The urge to step in and help your child is outrageously difficult to ignore. But the thing is, children take much longer to complete tasks than we do – so what they need is time and YOUR patience. Sometimes they might feel frustrated when they keep making the same mistake, or if something just isn’t going the way they’d like, and these moments are when children learn the most. They need to come up against challenges to know they can get through them – this builds resilience, one of the most (if not THE most) important skills a person can develop.

So next time you see your baby or toddler struggle at an activity or even something small, like buttoning or zipping up their coat. Stand back, don’t say or do anything, walk away if you need to – and Leave Them Alone. If they really need your assistance they will let you know.

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