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Barefoot Babe

Even before Rose was born, I knew I wanted to delay getting a pair of shoes for her for as long as possible. I had read about how shoes get in the way of correct development of children’s feet and knew that even when I did buy a pair of shoes for Rose I would buying “barefoot” options. I always remember being told that a good pair of shoes were so important. And I really do believe that – however what is meant by a good pair of shoes and what good shoes actually are, are two very different things. Support is mentioned a lot when it comes to Children’s shoes; like their own feet and legs don’t support them enough. As if the human body wasn’t made correctly so we all need shoes to support us in order to walk? Children do not need support to walk properly, their own feet and legs support them exactly how they need. Children’s shoes generally have a high sole and many brands even have a tiny heel. While we may not think these tiny additions make any difference, they can have lasting impressions on a child’s posture and deportment. It’s funny but as soon as you open your eyes to this you start to see it everywhere from cheap Penney’s shoes to sporty brands like Nike and Adidas, and even well reputed brands like Clarks or Ecco. I only visited a Clarks store the other day and I think nearly every single pair of child’s shoes had either a heel, a high sole or both. I don’t want to go on any more about it but do your own research and you will be shocked to see how children’s shoes are not really made for children’s feet at all.

So I leave Rose in her bare feet as much as possible – always indoors and depending on the surface and how cold it is, I allow bare feet outdoors too. Of course, Rose needs shoes on some paths and roads, so I did tons of research and found gorgeous moccasins recommended by a website dedicated to barefoot living. They were expensive so I did even more research and found a Facebook page where people sell their second-hand barefoot style shoes. And just my luck – a teeny pair of the moccasins were available at a fraction of the original price. And in amazing condition. So, for anyone thinking “I can’t afford this” there are ways of getting the barefoot shoes you want at prices you can afford. Do research this well as there are many brands that profess to be “barefoot Friendly” but still have a slight heel or a high sole or support where there should not be any support.

Is this something you’re interested in for your baby? If you’d like a link to the FB page, please let me know. Or if you know of any Instagram used barefoot shoe sales pages please link me.

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