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Baby hates tummy time - here's what to do instead...

I have noticed a ton of posts on Facebook and Instagram referring to the need for tummy time. Basically warning parents if they don't partake their kids will end up with flat heads, how lack of tummy time may affect their spine development, and even their cognitive ability. Tummy Time is supposed to be done from birth; but as many parents know lots of babies do not like being placed in this position. I decided not to bother with floor tummy time for my daughter, Rose. Not until she was happy lying on her front; which meant waiting until she had enough neck control to lift her head.

Here's what I did instead:

From birth I lay her, tummy down, on my chest; this also helped us get loads of skin to skin which is so important for babies' and parents' well being. I never put my daughter in a bouncer seat (they restrict movement and can be a factor in flat head syndrome). I also restricted use of car seats (easy as I don't drive, hee hee ) and generally did not use any contraptions that restricted her movements. I also used a Cocoonababy for night sleeps (more about that in another post) but that's not something you need to do if you take the other steps I mentioned.

As I said above, lots of babies do not like being placed on the floor on their tummies - but there are some babies who love it. If your baby is one of them then absolutely allow them to do it - however the steps above are still important in preventing flat head syndrome and should be used alongside any tummy time your baby does.

Do you do tummy time with your little one? Does your baby love it or hate it? Please comment below...

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